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Welcome to Specialisation at Balmoral School

2018 is going to be an explorative and exciting year, where your children will be exposed to lots of new things in all of the specialist rooms.  They are expanding their knowledge and skills in all areas of the curriculum and specialisation is definitely not an exception. Multi Materials - Hangarau Rauemi Maha I will be here for the first 4 weeks of term 1 (fingers crossed the twins stay in and don't make life too difficult) and then the amazing Sharon will be in until the end of term 3. I will be returning in term 4. This term they will be learning and relearning (in the case of the year 8's) how to use the tools and machinery in the workshop safely. All of the students will be using both hand and machine tools.  The Year 7's are starting off using coping saws, drills - both cordless and the drill press, files, sandpaper, the hot poker machine and of course some paint to design and make a name piece or small sign. Year 8's are designing and making a thermometer